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Welcome to Reach Society, the award winning social enterprise
that encourages, motivates and inspires young people, especially
Black boys and young Black men, to realise their potential and
make viable transitions into adult life.

Windrush Day Thanksgiving Gatherings


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A member of Fair Education Alliance, The FEA

Reach Society was founded in October 2010 by a small group of friends who are professional Black men who had successfully navigated the social, economical and emotional challenges to develop from boys to men in the UK. Along the way they learnt the essential strategies needed to develop their potential to become useful contributors to their families, local communities and the wider society.

Soon these friends attracted other professional Black men to become leading contributors in Reach Society. By choosing to draw on their diverse personal experiences, educational qualifications and professional expertise the leaders of Reach Society are confident of their ability to encourage, motivate and inspire boys and young men from their cultural backgrounds to make similar transitions.

Reach Society will offer a range of services to generate income that will be used to cover all of its operational costs; and all net income will be directed into building the capacity of the social enterprise to sustain its work in the long term.


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The WDT Network

The WDT Network

The national Windrush monument is a symbol of enterprise and courage which inspires the Windrush Day Thanksgiving...

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The Reach Society services are tailored to be easy to understand by boys in their primary, secondary and tertiary stages of their personal development; and by young men in the process of entering adult life

At Reach Society we believe that Black boys and young Black men are born with unlimited potential. And that they, like all young people, need to be encouraged, motivated and inspired to discover their potential by taking the actions early that will lead to the formation of habits that are essential for the development of robust characters.

In Reach Society we fully understand the cultural, social and emotional factors that are ever present in the community and how they impact Black boys and young Black men. We also understand the development cycle of boys as they mature into men. Reach Society role models tend to be fathers who have successfully guided their children into adulthood; or they are actively doing so. Without exception, they will be trained in the unique EDILES methodology for inspiring boys and young men to take responsibility for their development.

So if your ambition is to help the boys or young men in your care to become viable members of the community and wider society, then Reach Society could have the right service and trained role models who could help you to achieve your objective.


The Reach Society services are tailored to be easy to understand by boys in their primary, secondary and tertiary stages of their personal development; and by young men in the process of entering adult life.


Due to the current Coronavirus epidemic, forthcoming Networking Conversations will be held via a virtual webinar using Zoom.

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Jacky Wright

Tech industry pioneer Jacky Wright is named the UK’s most influential black Briton by The Powerlist 2022 which is the annual list of the UK’s most powerful people of African, African Caribbean and African American heritage.

The Most Rev Desmond Tutu

Anglican archbishop who fought against apartheid in South Africa and led the subsequent Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


All proceeds from sales at Reach Society Publishing go towards the programmes for encouraging, motivating and inspiring young people.