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Reach Society

The WDT Network held its first virtual meeting on Monday, 11 July 2022. The participants were individuals and delegates from organisations who actively celebrated cultural esteem in one or more WDT gatherings between 22 and 26 June.

All participants recognised the importance of ensuring that the meaning of the WDT gatherings is kept alive in the modern Black community as they are important opportunities for ensuring that our children and grand- children will become fully aware of their journey and enormous potentiality.

Below are the names of the WDT Network participants:

  • Emeritus Professor Sir Geoff Palmer, WDT Network Patron
  • Dr Dwain Neil OBE, Reach Society, Chairman & Co-Founder
  • Pastor Dr Trevor Adams, Faith Leader and Mentor
  • Angela Clarke, RAFFA UK, CEO
  • Donald Douglas, Association of Jamaicans UK, Chairman
  • Dr Keith Davidson, Adventist Church and KAD Publishing
  • Dr Melrose Fraser MBE, Birmingham
  • Beverley Hillman, Reach Society’s Ambassador in the Community
  • Vince McBean, West Indian Service Personnel, WASP, Chairman
  • Oveta McInnis, Enfield Caribbean Association, Chairman
  • Mike Johnson, Life Radio UK, Founder & CEO
  • Prof. Donald Palmer, Reach Society, Programme Director & Co- Founder
  • Joy Sigaud, Editions Magazine, Founder and Editor

Below are links to online background information about the evolution of the WDT gatherings, and the many events hosted across the UK in 2022:

Please contact the chairman of Reach Society if you wish to know more about the WDT Network or wish to become a participant.

(July 2022)