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The representation programme:

  • Connects Reach Society role models with young people, and in particular Black boys and young Black men, to inspire them;
  • Introduces inspired Black boys and young Black men to local mentoring groups where on going support will be available;
  • Showcases the services of Reach Society through the impact of its trained role models, the added value of mentoring groups and the leadership of parents and carers.

So if you wish to make a contribution to this programme you need to consider becoming a Reach Society role model. Here is a summary of what is required. Reach Society role models are identified as people with qualities that are held in high esteem by their peers. They are Black professional men who have accomplished or are accomplishing their goals in life and wish to share their experiences and learning with boys and young men from their cultural backgrounds; in order that they too may discover how to achieve their potential.

To become a Reach Society role model you need to fully understand our ethos which is based on the principle that Black boys and young Black men are at the centre of the process. And as a role model the task is to encourage, motivate and inspire him to know himself, and to strive to develop every aspect of his character – such as the social, emotional, educational and spiritual – in order that he will be equipped to own the development of his potential.


For Reach Society to maintain a consistent and high quality message all of its role models undertake training to embed their understanding of the following:

  • The vision and core purpose
  • The core message
  • The EDILES methodology for inspiring young people

Only trained Reach Society role model will be invited to interact and inspire Black boys and young Black men.


All aspiring Reach Society role models will be required to undertake Disclosure and Barring Service checks because the majority of the users of our services will be organisations that will require the production of DBS registration details. If you do not have a current DBS registration, Reach Society is well placed to arrange for such checks via one of our partner agencies.

For further information on any aspect of the representation programme please contact Demani Jules-Carbon, programme director on 07825 910 915 or email [email protected].

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