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Ask Our Experts

Reach Society’s Ask Our Expert series is an opportunity for experts in the modern Black community to analyse some important topics which impact the modern Black community. Hereby are links to the recordings of these episodes which the Society hopes shall be used as source material for discussions with young people, their parents, and in faith and social networks.

The Report Analysed

The Government’s Commissioned report on race and ethnic disparity plus the 4 letters submitted by Reach Society were the focus of this episode

Recognising and Conquering Trauma

This episode is linked to a short article on trauma and how to get help on Reach Society’s News page

The Qualification Society

In it is highlighted what this phrase means and that there is more that we can do in our community to prepare our young people to compete more successfully

Reach Society’s Smart Health Project or SHP

In it the rationale for the SHP and hints and tips for maintaining robust health are given

Who is responsible for the destiny of the modern Black community in the UK?

In it the role of a range of stakeholders in the Black community are examined; and answers are described for consideration.

Understanding System Consciousness in the modern Black community.

In it the phrase System Consciousness is defined and analysed and its importance to the community is highlighted.

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