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Reach Society


The project – Smart-Children-Clubs for parents – is supported by The Royal Navy.

Each newly formed Smart-Children-Club that tells us why their Club is extra-ordinary will be entered into our draw; and the winner will receive a gift box containing the recommended publications filled with helpful hints and tips that are designed to inform and help parents in the art of guiding the development of their children from birth:

  • The Outliers, the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell
  • The rules of parenting by Richard Templar
  • Parents as first teachers (booklet) by Dr Keith Davidson

The gift box, sponsored by The Royal Navy, also contains information on Welbeck College, which uniquely pays university tuition fees for its students from low income families, and a comprehensive history of The Royal Navy.

Known SCC winners in 2012 are:

  1. SCC in West London: Christiana says,”Our Smart Children Club is special because it provides ‘food for thought’ for the busy parents and carers who join us for discussion. What makes our club special is the fact that we teach and advise each other on social issues affecting our community, in a non-judgmental way”
  2. SCC in North London: June says, “Our Smart Children Club for adults is special because we cover a range of issues affecting the educational development of our children and young people; and after each meeting we feel better informed than when we started.”

Tony Tiyou

Programme Director, Representation