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Our Guide for Celebrating Cultural Esteem Windrush Day Thanksgiving Matters


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Our guide for celebrating cultural esteem is for use by the modern Black community as it goes about the joyous task of celebrating the achievements and contributions of their community which grew from 1948 in the UK.

It opens with a tribute to two long established community groups who were amongst the first to recognise the importance of the community taking responsibility for celebrating its contributions to UK matters. They recognised the sacrifice and bravery of Caribbean and African volunteers in the defence of the nation; and the contributions of a generation of migrants, from the Caribbean and African countries, in the rebuilding of the UK after World War 2.

Through celebrations – large and small – we can all get involved in the experience of building awareness across the Black community of the many and diverse contributions and achievements of the Windrush generation, their children (sometimes referred as the barrel generation), and the British born generations. In so doing the community will form the habit of expressing its cultural esteem and pride; and that will inspire future generations to build on the foundation established by their forebears.

This booklet should assist anyone who wishes to celebrate cultural esteem with family members, friends, and those in their faith and social networks.

Author: Dr Dwain A. Neil OBE
ISBN: 978-0-9575624-5-5
Published by Reach Society Publishing

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