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Our 10 Years


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Our 10 Years: A Good Mind And A Good Heart Can Do Great Things

This book is an account of Reach Society making history since 2010; and it is about the unique position that the Society occupies in the voluntary sector.

It is a story of the Society creating a movement of professional Black men and women across the UK. It is also about the Society helping many thousands of young people, in the modern Black community, to reframe their perception of themselves, of their community, and of their futures. It is a narrative of how outrage was harnessed and turned into a force for good by a small team of professional Black men.

It tells of the Society’s journey to Buckingham Palace and the significance of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. It is a story that took the Society to places in Scotland such as Peebles, Glasgow and Edinburgh. It is an account of the Society building connections with several institutions such as the Royal Navy, Lloyds Banking Group, City and Islington College, Brunel University London, Grace Foods and Durham University.

If you wish to understand Reach Society’s journey and impact you need to have this book.

The author Dr Dwain A. Neil OBE

ISBN: 978-0-9575624-4-8

    Reach Society