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Our Story, By Us, For Us – Children’s Edition


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The Story of British People of African Caribbean Origin

Children’s Edition

Reach Society has published another compact and comprehensive history of British people of African Caribbean origin for children in primary education.

This children’s edition of the book follows a series of true stories told by grandparents to their two grandchildren, Clinton and Doreen, who are on holiday with them. They tell their grandchildren that being Black does not prevent them from also being British, and they explain how this has come about.

The book contains eight short and highly illustrated stories spanning a period of around 400 years, and it provides many images of men and women of action who have shaped the lives of British people of African Caribbean origin.

The book also outlines how new towns for freed people, education, health, trade unions and political parties were developed by these people in the Caribbean; and shows how the Windrush generation was able to overcome its early challenges to establish itself in the UK.

The children’s edition is an adaptation of the first book skilfully written by Paula Neil and Dr Dwain Neil OBE making it easy for young readers to understand their story.

The book cost £6.99 and is available from Reach Society Publishing.

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