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The Story of British People of African Caribbean Origin

“Congratulations Reach Society for your foresight in responding to this need.” The British Foundation for University of West Indies

“To know our history is to know our potential…” Butler & Trinity Ltd

“It fills many gaps, without the added drama…It’s motivational and spectacular.” Team of Young Adults

“It remains crucial to understand and reflect on our histories.” Runnymede Trust

Reach Society has published a compact and comprehensive history of British people of African Caribbean origin in order to boost cultural esteem in the black community.

The society believes that, in order to shape their future, Britons of African Caribbean origin should proactively seek to educate themselves about their past.

The book follows the experience of African Caribbeans from forced and abused labourers, through to their growth and development in the Caribbean region, the Windrush generation’s settlement in Britain, and their achievements and contributions to British society.

The book highlights the achievements of African Caribbean people who gained prominence such as entrepreneurs Tony Wade and Val McCalla, the Rt. Hon David Lammy MP and Baroness Patricia Scotland, community activists Marcus Garvey and Dr Harold Moody and immunologist Dr Donald Palmer.

The book also outlines how new towns for freed people, education, health, trade unions and political parties were developed by these people in the Caribbean; and examines how the Windrush generation was able to overcome its early challenges to establish itself in the UK.

The authors also list the key issues they believe need to be addressed by the community in order to continue the progress of British people of African Caribbean origin in the 21st Century.

The authors are Dr Dwain Neil OBE, Dr June Alexis, Paula Neil and Dr Keith Davidson.

The book cost £6.99 excluding postage and packaging and is available from Reach Society Publishing.

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