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Durham STEP 2022 Programme

With the support of the Reach Society, we are proud to announce that Durham University’s Space to Explore Potential (STEP) programme is open for applications for 2022.

STEP offers a dedicated space for young Black-heritage students, to explore not only their own potential, but all that Durham has to offer as a potential university destination too. 

As we move into the third year of STEP, some of the highlights so far have been: 

  • 111 students (2020 & 2021 cohort) have received a STEP Guaranteed Alternative Offer, typically two grades below the standard entry requirements, when they have applied to Durham University in Year 13. From the 2020 cohort, all students who chose Durham University as their ‘firm choice’ in UCAS have now enrolled with us; 
  • As part of the summer school, STEP students met current Durham University students and quizzed them on their experiences of Durham University. We have had representatives from the Durham People of Colour Association, Durham African Caribbean Society and the Decolonise Durham Network; 
  • Students have taken part in academic taster sessions from one of 8 departments; 
  • Access to key information and advice about the UCAS application process, personal statements and so much more from staff within Durham University’s Student Recruitment and Admissions team; 
  • A social programme including, a quiz run by the Durham African Caribbean Society, an inspirational keynote speech from Dr Jason Arday and a talk from the Reach Society’s very own Dr Dwain Neil and Dr Donald Palmer. 

Our STEP students have found the online programme “fun, inspirational, helpful, entertaining, insightful, inspiring, educational”. After attending the STEP programme, 85.7% agreed or strongly agreed that they can see themselves at Durham. 

  • “Before the STEP programme, I was not considering Durham. But once completing the programme and visiting the city for the first time, I fell in love with the atmosphere and the different colleges. I could definitely see myself studying there” 
  • “The most useful thing I’ve learnt is something [one of the speakers] said when someone asked about imposter syndrome: we’re here for a reason because we have the excellence”  
  • “[the keynote speech] also made me more motivated about my studies” 

As we move towards the STEP 2022 programme, we are planning for the first in person STEP summer school. Additionally, we are pleased to be extending our subject offering, so that students will have the opportunity to try two academic taster sessions, from one of our four academic faculties at Durham: 

Faculty of Science  Faculty of Arts and Humanities Faculty of Social Sciences Business School 
Maths English Law Accounting 
Biosciences History Geography Economics and Finance 
Psychology Philosophy Criminology and Sociology Marketing and Management 
Earth Sciences Theology and Religion Politics  

If you are interested in finding out more about STEP, have a look on our website or come chat to us at the Reach Society’s Careers Conference and Employability days!

Applications for the STEP 22 cohort close Sunday 24 April 2022 @ 23:59.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you, or your students, have any questions. 

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