Reach Society
Reach Society

28 May Luton Employability Day

More than 400 young people, aged 10 to 19, accompanied by parents and carers, gathered at the Chiltern Academy on 28 May for Luton’s third Employability Day, which was organised by Reach Society in association with Luton Council. 

The event was different from the last two because in addition to having scores of exhibitors, dozens of volunteer role models and a themed workshop, it also featured a cohort of local entrepreneurs. In addition, a local young man shared his story of how mentoring and advice from past events helped him to win employment with a large local firm.

The highlight of the event came when the young people got the chance to interact directly with a panel of five experts. Several young people asked questions of the team of professionals who answered their questions and encouraged them to pursue their passions.   

A selection of photos from the event may be viewed via this link.