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Reach Society

20 Things I Wish I Knew At 20

This is a fascinating book about people’s history, philosophy, politics and introspection. It is engaging, easy to read and beautifully written. From the preface to the final poem about how life can be lived, it is both reflective and persuasive at the same time.

It starts with the wisdom of being uncertain about things, then moves seamlessly into “WHO AM I, on its way to the mortal in us trying to become immortal through love and then being afraid to die.

It goes into the heart of darkness when it gives the name of the Pope who launched systemic racism by Europeans and an overview of the enslavement it unleashed; it then takes us on a positive plane by talking about things we can do to realign and shine. It talks about how pressure over time turns a lump of coal into a diamond.

It speaks about the freedom of love and how we should be grateful that it shares its time with us and that we must not cage it. This is a book you will want to read more than once and discuss with your family members and friends. 

Author: Roy Merchant

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