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Work Experience Bursary Opportunities

InvestIN Education and Reach Society are collaborating to bring a set of extraordinary opportunities to young people.

 Step into the shoes of a professional, with InvestIN Education’s immersive career experiences. With 20 different careers to choose from, our programmes bridge the gap between school and industry, helping you to make the leap to professional success!

Across each of our programmes, you will have the chance to stand in the shoes of a top professional, experiencing your future career first-hand. Enjoy state of the art simulations and group activities to get a real feel for your chosen career, before attending live sessions with industry executives, and a unique opportunity to network, ask questions, and receive expert guidance from real professionals.

Programmes are open to all students aged 15 – 18, with additional “Future Programmes” available to students aged 12-14, exploring Banking, Law, Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Politics, Psychology, Computer Science and Engineering. Attend weekend programmes during term time, or gain the ultimate experience during the holidays with our 5 and 10 day summer internships, both in-person and live online throughout 2021.

InvestIN Education’s full range of immersive career experiences can be found here, with online booking available. When booking any of our programmes, please use discount code REACH10 to receive 10% off of your booking.

InvestIN offers a limited number of bursary places on a first-come-first-served basis on their Live Online weekend programmes.

Autumn bursary places are currently open for registration, and applications for our spring bursary places will open in January 2021. InvestIN’s full bursary criteria can be found here.

To apply for a free bursary place, please contact Dr Dwain Neil OBE, Reach Society, Chairman, via this email address: [email protected] , detailing your name, school, preferred programme, and which of our bursary criteria you meet.

InvestIN Education: The Ultimate Career Experience!

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