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How Are You Selling Yourself?

You may be looking for a new stage in your career. It may have been forced on you through the threat of redundancy or you are considering opportunities as a Non-Executive Director.

Success will often flow from the way that you sell yourself. Indeed, most of us are not good at that.

Think of the manner in which an estate agent promotes a property. The message needs to contain the essential facts and the little bit extra in order to secure a viewing. This is what a CV with a supporting statement needs to do for you. In a competitive world in which there are many applicants for each vacancy, your CV needs to get you an interview!

Your CV needs to concentrate on achievements not on the responsibilities of the role; and the achievements are only of value if they are supported by a quantifiable outcome.

Your supporting statement needs to express a passion. What is it about the role that appeals, and what it is that attracted you to the organisation. Then using short examples, you need to demonstrate how your skills match what is being sought. In summary, it is all about what you can do for the organisation and not what it can do for you.

Peter Reichwald, following 20 years as a recruitment consultant, now provides a professional CV writing service. To have a 30 minute free advice session contact Peter at [email protected] attaching a copy of your current CV, and he will contact you to arrange a session.

Details of the CV writing service may be found at CV-Writing — Reichwald Mediation and recommendations may be seen at

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