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Windrush Day Thanksgiving Gathering June 2023

Reach Society hosted another Windrush Day Thanksgiving Gathering on Thursday, 22nd June, at the Turtle Bay restaurant in Brixton. Roughly 40 members of the modern Black community (MBC) including family, friends and representatives of community groups, met together to celebrate cultural esteem.

The anthem, known as Windrush Nation, commissioned by Reach Society and Life Radio UK for use in gatherings was sung publically for the first time. And it was met with warm applause each time.

The Windrush Day Thanksgiving Giving poem was read by Koral, a grandchild of the Windrush generation. And most people took part in the Milestones quiz led by Mike Johnson, CEO of Life Radio UK; it was fun while it expanded our awareness of contributors from our community.

A wonderful evening was spent enjoying good Caribbean cuisine, music by Life Radio UK, and the distinctive ambience of Turtle Bay.

This type of gathering is an initiative being spearheaded by Reach Society for encouraging groups in the Black community to meet together to express pride in the achievements and contributions it has made in the UK, and in particular to encourage young people to take pride in their community, and to inspire future generations to realise their full potential.

Beginning on 22nd June, National Windrush Day, and up to the first Sunday after that date annual gatherings, both formal and informal, were organised to celebrate cultural esteem by sharing stories and information about outstanding people of both Caribbean and African descent from the UK, and any part of the world as appropriate.

The Society is grateful for the attendance and support of several notable friends such as Angela Clarke, RAFFA and many friends from COGOP; Pastor Trevor Adams and mentees; Jake Ferguson, Black Equity Organisation; Mike Johnson, founder of Life Radio UK; and Marva Rollins OBE and patron of the Society and friends.

Paula Neil
Reach Society, History Project Team Leader

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