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The Children’s Book of Dental Health

This book aims to educate on simple ways to keeping your mouth healthy and gives lessons on what happens if the good actions are not carried out.

Optimal health is important in mind, body and spirit as this constitutes to our overall wellbeing. The mouth is an important part of our body as it is the “gateway to the body” in both health and disease. 

In health, the food choices we make and how we take care of our bodies in particular the mouth is essential to overall health. Good dental health of both the teeth and gums is often understated as people assume that “no pain” means all is well. 

In disease, the health of our mouths has a huge impact in many areas of our bodies, which in some cases can be fatal. The education on how to take care of the mouth and therefore take care of the body is key as this results in the prevention of dental disease.

Starting at a young age with good principles and understanding how to take care of one’s mouth is important because this avoids dental pain and disease of the teeth and gums in the long term, into adulthood. Dental disease, especially decay in children, can be avoided and parents need to know what to do when the children are young and to instil good habits into children as they grow. 

The statistics show that 1 in 4 of children have had tooth decay by the age of 5! This book was written to show children and parents the essentials of achieving good oral health for life.

My passion as a dentist of over 20 years has always been to prevent dental disease; and my goal is to reach as many people as possible in our diverse population, and this is reflected in the book.

I am happy to visit schools to showcase the book and speak to children and parents on the principles of good dental health.

Author: Dr Sarah Kasasa


Dental Surgeon

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