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At the Foundation for Reach Society (FFRS) we believe that young Black people (boys and girls) are born with unlimited potential.  Like all young people, they need to be encouraged, motivated and inspired to discover their potential by taking the actions early that will lead to the formation of habits that are essential for the development of robust characters.

The Black community is rich in professional pioneers and achievers and the FFRS ambition is to make it easy for our young people to see these pioneers, hear from them, talk to them and be inspired by them; and in so doing, nurture and increase their own appetite and drive for self-development and achievement from an early age.

Our sister organisation Reach Society, has a strong track record of engaging with young people from the black community in London through a series of  8 annual careers conferences staged between 2012 and 2019.  Over 11000 young people have attended Careers conferences in London.  FFRS aims to build on the experience gained in London to encourage, motivate and inspire young people in other urban centres around the UK to understand and explore potential future career pathways by delivering unique Employability Day events.

FFRS Employability Days bring together young people; local, national and international employers; and, volunteer professional role models from the public, voluntary and private sectors.  Employers and role models are encouraged to engage with the young people; to listen to them and understand their motivations and aspirations; and, to provide encouragement, inspiration and advice on potential future employment pathways and how to explore these further.

Our experience shows that direct engagement with young people is what drives the success of the Employability Days.  Young people, who potentially have very limited knowledge and understanding of possible career opportunities, find the one to one engagement with successful people from their community and business sectors inspirational.

Jules Mason, Head of CEO Office, Merlin, Medical Emergency Relief International , a Role Model, commented: “I spoke with one young man who was interested in international business, we talked about the variety of international not-for-profit organisations that exist which draw on the business sector. He mentioned that today had opened his mind to a bigger range of career opportunities than he had considered or known of, prior to attending the event.

I spoke to a young woman who hadn’t heard the term ‘Third Sector’ but was then interested in our sector’s breadth and the associated range of careers and opportunities that is available,”      

If you wish to make a donation to the FFRS or start a fundraising campaign in favour of the FFRS please contact the GivenGain Foundation by clicking on this link –

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Foundation for Reach Society is a not-for-profit social enterprise staffed entirely by volunteers.  Our initial fundraising target of £2500 would allow us to deliver five Employability Days in different urban centres across the UK.  Funds are needed to cover out of pocket expenses such as room hire and refreshments.

Richard Cooper, FFRS Programme Director