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The Cowrie Scholarship Foundation

The Cowrie Scholarship Foundation (or CSF), is a new charitable foundation aiming to raise £500,000 to provide scholarships for disadvantaged Black British students to attend UK universities.

The CSF’s mission is to fund 100 disadvantaged Black British students through leading UK universities in the next decade.

The CSF has secured partnerships, as of October 2020, with Queen Mary University London, The University of Liverpool, the University of Edinburgh, Newcastle University, University of Southampton and King’s College London to transform student lives.

In partnership with donors and business the CSF aims to provide full scholarships removing a significant barrier to world-class education at UK universities for the target beneficiaries.

The CSF also aims to provide more than just money and will offer mentorship, role models, and resilience programmes for the students who benefit from scholarships to make the most of the opportunity.

We are delighted and extremely grateful to work in partnership with Reach Society to help talented young Black British students from low income families.

Now is the opportunity to make a difference to the target students to change their lives, livelihood and the families and communities in which they live and work. As the founder Professor Richard Oreffo states:

We want the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation to equip the next generation of young Black people with the education to make a difference in their lives, our lives and the world.”

For further information and critically, how to donate and support the Foundation including businesses looking to make a difference, please contact:

Professor Richard Oreffo; email: [email protected]  


Twitter: @CowrieSF

The Cowrie Scholarship Foundation is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation

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