Enfield Grammar School Employability Day in Enfield, 30 March

In March Enfield Grammar School hosted an extraordinary day for its pupils. Roughly 500 young people, aged 14 to 19, in Enfield Grammar School in the north London borough of Enfield, had the opportunity to gain invaluable information, advice and guidance from a team of eighteen professionals from the modern Black community and a similar number of employers, at the first Employability Day held in the School, on 30 March 2023. The Employability Day was an innovative event at the School and it was organised by Reach Society at the invitation of the head teacher, Mr Chris Lamb, who wanted to provide all pupils with the opportunity to develop their awareness of future pathways beyond school; and to inspire them to get into the habit of exploring and making discoveries which they can then use to make a success of their lives. The pupils experienced two themed workshops. One was led by Krystal Alliance and the other by Lloyds Bank. They also had extensive access to a panel of 6 Black professionals which included Dr Keith Davidson a retired director of education and founder of KAD Publishing; Michael Fuller a music industry lawyer; Mark Lomas head of culture in Lloyd’s of London; Ritchie Neil a senior commercial executive in Salesforce; Nathaniel Peat the founder and CEO of Safety Box; and Professor Donald Palmer a senior lecturer and research leader in the Royal Veterinary College and co-founder of Reach Society. Across the event pupils were free to interact with a cohort of exhibitors which were drawn from all three sectors of employment namely the private, public and voluntary. The firms involved were: the African Caribbean Insurance Network or ACIN; Alpha BSE Training, Arup UK, the British Army, Durham University, Enfield Borough Council, Life Radio UK, Lockton Companies, Lloyds Banking Group, Lloyd’s … Continue reading Enfield Grammar School Employability Day in Enfield, 30 March